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Welcome to twotimes. A partner company with Technological Services specialized in the trade fair industry

We are a company-partner with Technological Solutions and Services specialized in the fair, congress and events industry.

These solutions are specially designed to enhance and extend over time the immersive experiences of exhibitors, visitors and users of the platform. From digital directories to advanced mapping and data analysis functionalities. By embracing our technological solutions, organizers and producers not only improve the execution of their events, but position themselves at the forefront of digital transformation in the trade fair and events landscape.

Solutions offer a comprehensive range of digital tools 

The platform and range of technological solutions and services specialized in fairs and meeting ecosystems between

supply and demand offers a comprehensive range of digital tools designed to:

  • Optimize the efficiency of organizers, promoters and producers of fairs and commercial meetings.
  • Create new spaces for monetization and generation of links between brands and their communities
  • Exponentially multiply the impacts and visibility of the participants
  • Extend over time the relationships of the sector ecosystem and its commercial opportunities
  • Make available to supply and demand, functionalities that allow them to meet their objectives
  • Positioning in innovation and technology, for new demand profiles
The future comes thanks to the desire to transform the present.

We believe in the transformation of the event’s sector through 360º technology, virtual reality, Big Data and 3D imaging.

Being pioneers in the creation of 360º virtual tours from physical events, as well as experts in the creation of virtual fairs and hybrid events.

Transform digitally your event with
Show Digital Twin
Give a new life to your physical event
Extended Show
Manage the digital part of your event
Integrated Show
Reduce the distance between the physical and the virtual

Discover how to digitally transform your event to generate more impact and increase the monetization of your services

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